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From the diagnosis of your problems to the reparation of your car, our car motor vehicle master enterprise will accompany you competently and reliably. We can take care of the upcoming annual car inspection. We have many years of expertise with the replacement of gears and motors. Your vehicle is in best hands with us.

No matter if modern electric car or the „Blechliesel“ Model T of Ford: With us you can expect full-service and get that offered as well. Oldtimers do not terrify us, they are considered with respect and attention to detail. Whether rotary engine, DSG or Audi Multitronic which sometimes goes into reverse. As diverse as the technique used the automotive history, is our knowledge when it comes to their reparation and maintenance.


We perform main inspection and exhaust emissions test for you every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday biweekly. Make an appointment with us!


Realization of diagnosis on automatic and manual transmissions. Competent. Quick. Reliable.


Repair and maintenance of motor vehicle and truck gearboxes and engines. Professional. Comprehensive. First-class.


We deal with all kinds of gears. Top renovated and checkbook-maintained, used gears are also part of our comprehensive range!


Inspection following the manufacturer‘s specifications for gears of all major brands, commercial vehicles and oldtimers.


Oil changing and gearbox rinsing of all branches, accident repair and claim management as well as standards such as brake pad change. Do you have a problem? We have the solution!

Customer information

Did you know it? Gearboxes must be maintained regularly. Maintenance and controls are simply part of it, if you want to have your vehicle for a long time. The widespread opinion that after 200.000 km a car can “kick the bucket“ can‘t be confirmed by us.
As part of the checkbook maintenance, authorized dealers change the gearbox oil after 20.000 km, as well as the drive belt. The filter should be replaced at least at every third oil change. And with oil change we don’t only mean the oil in the tray: Who loves his gearbox, changes the complete oil in the form of a gear rinsing.
Is water available? Are - and if so how much - metal residues in the oil?
The more regularly you have your gearbox maintained and diagnosed, the longer you take pleasure in your vehicle!
1. Let us know your gear problem
2. We narrow down the problem
3. We will call you back. Budget cleared.
4. possible complications are discussed
5. Common standard gearbox we i.d.R. installed within half a week
6.. Oldtimer take longer, possibly. Components must be rebuilt in the mold
During the life cycle of a model to learn the manufacturer, which is why you should update for example the control software used today. Example of this would be the problems while parking backwards with the Multitronic older Audi A6 models in which the steering assist precise maneuvering impossible. Audi had learned from the complaints of the customers, and adapt its software accordingly.
The oil change should be carried out every 20,000 km 18.000- mileage. Including transmission flushing and oil analysis.
The duration of a transmission work-up can be moved between two days and several weeks, depending on whether wearing parts by default                                          are available or if they need to be elaborately reconstructed in mold, as is often the case with several rare vintage vehicles.                                          We strive to the time that you can expect, as nearly as possible to calculate, and to provide you as quickly as possible your beloved vehicle fully functional again available.
Symptoms for transmission problems are manifold. Here the most important:

- Dissolve transitions and jump out
- The joystick hooked and crashes, it is difficult to operate and only cumbersome
- Gear is engaged, but the engine is idling (in buses often the error code "FFF")
- Idling can no longer be insert
- The car makes "capers" and jerky when accelerating
- It "grinds" and you can hear background noises that are reminiscent of crack and rub
When spilled gear oil is the Gearbox, as you can imagine, ddefinitely faulty