About us

Car and Gearbox technology Schäfer – The Gearbox Professionals Unna

As a motor vehicle master enterprise we have specialized in the maintenance and reparation of manual gearboxes, dual-clutch gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, and continuously variable gearboxes of all common manufacturers. Gearboxes from elapsed decades, as well as commercial vehicle gearboxes are also gladly seen by us.

We perform less costly reparations and services! No matter which problem you have, we will find the right solution together!

Over 30 Jahre of experience

Meanwhile, we are over 30 years in business. In this time you see a lot of technological trends in the car industry come and go but what stays is the experience. During all this time we are participating in the car business and of course we gathered experience with technology which is significantly older. Because of that, with us oldtimers have the chance to get on the road again. And if there are no fitting spare parts, we will reconstruct them. No wish remains unfulfilled!

However, thirty years of experience do not mean that we are "old school"! We use the latest diagnostic tools. High-tech tools in combination with long years of experience: Something you can’t find better for outdated technology. Challenge us! We look forward to your order.


Masterbusiness - We train

The training to an automotive mechatronic engineer is still a highly respected profession, and not just because you can help the family in any car problems.
Automotive mechatronics work in repair, maintenance and upgrading, they equip vehicles with special features and new technologies. With us, the focus of the training is in the field of transmission technology and our already trained journeymen are highly respected and demanded specialists in an industry which is in Germany still very dynamic.

Maybe you noticed that we use the gendered word "mechatronics“ in the upper paragraph. We are a modern company, which of course is also looking for female trainees. No one is discriminated. Physically fit means no more back-breaking work today. By using lifting platforms, cranes and similar workshop tools the work becomes more balanced, so that we are convinced that nothing speaks against it to pave the way for the opposite sex in this exciting "man's job". Go girls and take your chance.